Fleet and Commercial Sales

Our manufacturers:

(We have great working relationships with our manufacturers and we can work with you on additional manufacturers not listed above.)

For Fleet Purchases, Government Accounts, or All Your Small Business Needs:

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Contact Mike, Tom, Andy, Tim or Dan

Bommarito Fleet Department
15736 Manchester Rd.
Ellisville, Mo. 63011

Mike Hawk, Fleet Mgr.
Phone: 636-391-7200 ext. 1103
Toll Free: 800-367-2289
Fax: 636-391-5369
Email: mhawk@bommarito.net

Bommarito Fleet Department
6127 S. Lindbergh
St. Louis, Mo. 63123

Tom McKay, Fleet Mgr.
Phone: 314-487-9800 ext. 1522

Fax: 314-487-3314
Email: tmckay@bommarito.net

Bommarito Fleet Department
675 Dunn Road
St. Louis, MO 63042

Andy Eldridge, Fleet Mgr.
Phone: 314-731-1222 ext. 18032
Cell: 314-561-0022?
Fax: 314-895-1439
Email: aeldridge@bommarito.net

Bommarito Ford Fleet Department
675 Dunn Road
St. Louis, MO 63042

Tim Geisler, Leasing Mgr.
Phone: 314-800-7718 (cell) ext. 19711

Email: tgeisler@bommarito.net

Bommarito Ford/Nissan/Toyota Fleet
Dunn Road
St. Louis, MO 63042

Dan Hrin, Commercial Account Mgr.
Phone: 314-566-3406 (cell) ext. 18042

Email: dhrin@bommarito.net